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Galería de la Raza | Studio 24 & Zeum present:

Directions for Possible Realities, an exhibition of multimedia projects and public performances created by youth (ages 14 to 19) participating in Galeria de la Raza's Youth Media Project.

Friday, November 20, 2009 - Sunday, February 14, 2010 (with a closing party on February 14)

At Zeum 221 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94103 | 415.820.3320 |

Youth Artists Include: David Chan, Najee El, Amber Frampton, Gerard, Marcos Gomez, Lamia, Nicole Mantilla, Max Martilla, Israel Ramos-Barajas, Victor Reyes, Amarante Rodriguez, Rachel Sedberry, Obassi Turrentine, Kathy Whiley, Eric Wilson

Program Mentors: Patricia Hemphill, Jerome Reyes, Ariel Roman

Official Press Release:

(San Francisco, November 18, 2009) | Galeria de la Raza and Zeum present Directions for Possible Realities, a series of multimedia projects and public performances created by youth (ages 14 to 19) participating in Galeria de la Raza's YOUTH MEDIA PROJECT. The exhibition features a selection of video, sound, and visual art projects created by David Chan, Najee El, Hugo Guerrero, Andrea Mendoza, Amarante Rodriguez, Rachel Sedberry, and Obassi Turrentine. The works were developed during a series of classes taught by Jerome Reyes and Ariel Roman, and in MISSION ECHOES, a mentorship project conducted by Julio Cesar Morales.

Utilizing digital technologies such as sound, image and video editing media, the works featured here include dreamlike cityscapes, transborder satires,observations of urban renewal, and sound memorials that commemorate historical social movements while exploring youth's relationship with their urban environment from both personal and historical perspectives.

From music videos to hidden camera footage and film noir, and from comedic stories to historical narratives, the youth have scripted and captured various moments of their everyday. The exhibition also includes meticulous frame by frame animations, vinyl graphics, text projects, unpredictable public performances in the San Francisco Mission District, as well as sound-based projects that mix historical voices with field recordings, youth-conducted interviews, and their own creative writing. The resulting stories establish links to the youth’s own experiences and realities.

About Galeria de la Raza's Youth Media Project

The Youth Media Project (YMP) is an experiential youth arts education and mentorship program that provides training to Latino youth in video filming and editing, sound recording and editing, and computer graphics. The program also guides youth in the exploration of the direct linkage between creative activity and community building, the potential "uses" of artwork in a social context, and the role of the artist as a public citizen. The program offers one-on-one support to students in order to help them to effectively bridge the persistent "digital divide" and equip them with skills they can later develop professionally as well as with tools with which they can sharpen their analytical skills, critical thinking and literacy.

Mission Echoes: Social Change Through Poetic Soundscapes (1968-2008) - Conducted by visual artist Julio Morales, youth investigated historical narratives related to social movements in the Mission District, and links to their own histories, perspectives and experiences as Mission District youth. Youth develop their creative voice and experience how public art launches community dialogue and debate, promotes community empowerment and eventually contributes to social change. Youth develop skills in Final Cut Pro, computer graphics, and drawing.

Galería's Youth Media Project is made possible thanks to the support of the San Francisco Arts Commission/Artists & Communities Innovative Partnerships, and the Walter & Elise Haas Foundation.

The Mission Echoes: Social Change Through Poetic Landscapes [1968-2008] was made possible thanks to the support of the California Council for the Humanities/California Stories Program.

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