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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Exhibition: "Beautiful Trash: The Lost Library" <2012>
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Adrian Arias

Artist Statement:
I believe inthe transformationof reality, my religion is the poetry, I believe in the cells, atoms, molecules, I believe in the power generated to be in front of a masterpiece,while making love and listening to music, my god this in eternal construction,built perhaps finish the day of my death, I believe in death because it gives meaning to the concepts of "life" and "Creation", I believe in the power of my mind dictating messages to my hands, I believe in power of community, I believe in hugs.

Artist Bio:
ADRIAN ARIAS is an American-Peruvian prize-winning poet, visual artist, curator and cultural promoter, working and living in The Bay Area of San Francisco, CA since 2000, with experience in visual arts, video-installations, photography, poetry and cultural promotion. His visual art, like his poetry, explores the absurd, the sensuality of elements, and the connection between reality and dreams.

He uses found objects, recycling its content, creating boxes, book-objects, clothes, doors, drawings, photographs and writing poetry on canvas. He also creates pieces of video-art as "Frida in the mirror", official selection of the San Francisco International Film Festival and winner of the best music-video at the Berkeley Film & Video Festival, and Altar-Installations every year since 2003 at SOMARTs Cultural Center in San Francisco. In Peru, Adrian is considered, with Susana Aragon, one of the pioneers of the Peruvian Video Art.

In 2010 Adrian was an Artist-in-residence at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, with his project "Beautiful Trash", creating a series of objects and ephemeral art pieces. This project "Grand Finalle, will be the upcoming exhibition of "BT: The Lost Library" at Gallery Studio 24 / Galeria de La Raza in San francisco, in July 14, 2012. Also his new book "BT: The Lost Library", about the futuristic vision in art and society, will be released on August 4, 2012.

Adrian has participated in international exhibitions in individual and collective shows in Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Peru and the US.

His four published books of poetry which received awards in Peru and Argentina, include: Habits (1984), Dreams & Paranoia (1996), Divine Punishment (1999), and 26-10-2028 (2000), as well as a collection of limited special editions from all his poetry readings. He was awarded the Struga Poetry Evenings, Macedonia, with "Best poem in the Festival" in 2009. His poetry appears in anthologies in Peru, Mexico, Macedonia, Spain and the US.

Adrian publishes poems on his blog and an English version, translated by Nina Serrano

He dedicates part of his time serving the community with graphic design and cultural events, like the ILLUSION SHOW (2003-2008).

Artist Website: