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Jot@s, Studs, Fa'afafines, and Homothugs to the 2nd Spirit
6/18/2011 - 7/2/2011

Artists Nube F. Cruz and Jean Melesaine present a gallery of photography, acryllic painted walls, wheat paste, stencils and mixed media to create a prayer of identity on queer indigenous identity In Studio 24 debuts “Jot@s, Studs, Fa'afafines, and homothugs to the 2nd Spirit Opening” (2010 GINAA award), a visual art and photography exhibit. The show hopes to explore intersections among indigenous, queer, and gender-variant youth and young adults are explored in what each of those categories entail. Both exhibitions represent a young voice and fresh face for new art being created.

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Colonization, segregation and deportation, homophobia, patriarchy are problems youth and queer folks face and have faced historically. This exhibition hopes to open dialogue and narrate herstories. Galería’s GINAA Program is made possible thanks to the support of the San Francisco Arts Commission and Native American Arts & Cultural Traditions.