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In the Heart of the World: Photos, Videos and Art from the Zapatista Insurgency
4/20/2001 - 6/2/2001
An exhibition exploring the history and political ramifications of the Zapatista movement focusing on the visual culture and language identified with the uprising. It included over 80 photographs depicting the famous, infamous and unknown participants in the Zapatista uprising, Zapatista folk embroideries, dolls and hand-crafts, Zapatista-inspired novelty items, and videos.
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In the Heart of the World: Photos, Videos and Art from the Zapatista Insurgency <2001>
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Curated By: Mariana Mora and Carolina Ponce de León

In The Heart of The World: Fotos, Arte, Videos y Otros Bienes de la Insurgencia Zapatista

Juana Ponce de León, Editor "Our Word Is Our Weapon - Selected Writings/ Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos", Seven Stories Press, N.Y. 2001; Greg Ruggiero, Editor Seven Stories Press; Nancy Charaga, Casa Bonampak; John Carter; Jorge Sánchez; Kevin Chen, Intersection for the Arts; Seven Stories Press; and the San Francisco Zapatista Committee.

Sample Exhibition text:

Behind us, you are us.
Behind our masks is the face of all excluded women,
Of all the forgotten indigenous,
Of all the persecuted homosexuals,
Of all the despised youth,
Of all the beaten migrants,
Of all those imprisoned for their words and thoughts,
Of all the humiliated workers,
Of all those dead from neglect,
Of all the simple and ordinary men and women,
Who don't count,
Who aren't seen,
Who are nameless,
Who have no tomorrow.

The Indigenous Clandestine Revolutionary Committee
General Command of the Zapatista Army

Participating Artists:
Bill Hackwell, Mariana Mora, Yuriria Pantoja, Greg Ruggiero, Timo Russo, Pedro Valtierra, Paco Vásquez, and others who have worked to document the grassroots rebellion in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas.