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Richard Bluecloud Castaneda
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Richard Bluecloud Castaneda
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Culture Clash
Los Cybrids
  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Exhibition: "Real N.D.N. - Native Diaspora Now" <2012>
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Richard Bluecloud Castaneda

As a Native American of mixed decent, I am interested in the contemporary Native identity and the ways in which we culturally and aesthetically adapt to mainstream environments. Underneath the armor of indigenous skin, I believe our self-perceptions are inevitably altered as a result of these transitions in and out of home. I’m intrigued by the fragmented aesthetics of cross-cultural identity and the various personas of the culturally displaced. I primarily use photography, alternative processes, and mixed media arts. I pair together multi-spirited cultural references and incorporate cynical, humorous, and political subtexts to address uncomfortable conflicts in the perception and formation of cultural identity. I aim to dispel the sensationalism of the romanticized “noble savage”, offering instead a multilayered perspective and candid investigation into contemporary Native life.

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