Galeria de la Raza
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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions W x W (Women by Women) <1985>
Pinturaltura: Vermillion Blues Spilling <1989>
A Devotional Legacy: Día de los Muertos 1972-1995 <1995>
Trazos: Myth and Memory <2005>
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Juana Alicia

Juana Alicia is a muralist, printmaker, educator and activist who incorporates issues of social justice, human rights and environmental health into her art. Her public works can be seen throughout the country — from the San Francisco International Airport to the United Electrical and Machine Workers Union Hall in Erie, Pennsylvania. Grade Schools, universities and community centers are adorned with her vibrant murals and her works have hung in art museums and galleries nationwide. Alicia's murals bridge the gaps of language, culture and gender, document history and envision transformation.