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Geraldine Lozano
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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions La Llorona Unfabled: Stories to (Re)tell To Little Girls <2011>
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Geraldine Lozano

Born: Amazon Jungle of Peru.
Raised: NJ/NY.
Lived: CA, and currently working in TX.

Artist Statement:

My artwork is informed by an ancestral and personal female perspective. Using displacement as form of making art from a heightened sense of place to evolve rituals. I emphasize the imagination being an attribute of our soul not our mind. Mapping intimate and public experiences of exotic and globalized natures, I am an investigator of the attachments to place, culture, identity and desire. In my art practice I work to free these conditionings from self and representations. The natural transference of my life has lead me to create in transformative acts of disengagement from self, where I become conducive to reflections of hybrid realities. Through performance, video, sculpture, and photography I become an self referential transitive pattern filter, integrating the feminine body as a vehicle and a critical site of personal and political power.