Galeria de la Raza
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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Comedy Fiesta <1984>
Culture Clash <1985>
A Defiant Legacy: 1970-1995 <1995>
The Life & Times of Culture Clash: A 15-year Journey <2000>
What's Not To Love? <2005>
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Culture Clash

The theatrical performing trio Culture Clash is composed of Sacramento native Richard Montoya with San Franciscans Ricardo Salinas and Herbert Siguenza. Culture Clash's work exists on the razor's edge of honoring cultural traditions while sending up cultural stereotypes. They have worked on stages throughout the country, offering their own particular mix of satire, comedy and undiluted social and political awareness. The trio's work has been presented at Lincoln Center and Kennedy Center as well as major regional theaters across the country. Their play, Bowl of Beings, was filmed for the PBS Great Performances series, and their groundbreaking self-titled show for Fox Broadcasting ran 30 episodes before falling victim to network censors. The show, which the group executive-produced and wrote themselves, was the first-ever Latino themed sketch comedy show.