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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Cajas y Otras Cosas <1982>
Comedy Fiesta <1984>
From Tradition to Innovation: El Sabor <1993>
Orígenes: Día de los Muertos <1996>
The Life & Times of Culture Clash: A 15-year Journey <2000>
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José Antonio Burciaga

Muralist, artist, poet, writer and community leader Jose Antonio Burciaga wrote four books — Spilling the Beans, Drink Cultura, Undocumented Love, and Weedee Peepo— and published articles in the LA Times, Texas Monthly, the Christian Science Monitor, Vista and Hispanic Magazine. He was also a co-founder of the Latino Comedy troupe Culture Clash, and an accomplished muralist. Several of the murals he created are on the walls of Casa Zapata at Stanford University where he and his wife Cecilia were resident fellows from 1985 to 1994. Among the murals are "Mythology and History of Maiz", "The Spirit of Hoover Tower" and "The Last Supper of Chicano Heroes" which depicts Che Guevara, Dolores Huerta, Cesar Chavez, Frida Kahlo, Luis Valdez and others.

Burciaga received the National Hispanic Heritage Award for Literature, 1922. Undocumented Love (1992), a book of poetry and drawings, won the American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation. Other awards he received include the Short Story Fellowship in 1989 and an Honorable Mention for Journalism from the World Affairs Council in San Francisco. He was also honored and inducted into the El Paso Hall of Fame. José Antonio Burciaga died in 1996.