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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions ASCO '82 <1982>
Stages: ASCO <1983>
A Defiant Legacy: 1970-1995 <1995>
The Life & Times of Culture Clash: A 15-year Journey <2000>
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Gronk is a painter and printmaker from Los Angeles. He has become known for his public site-specific wall paintings. He has worked in film, theater and opera-set design as well. His work is influenced by German Expressionism, graffiti, and Chicano street culture. He came to the attention of the art world when at 16, he became one of the founders of the Los Angeles-based Chicano artist collective ASCO (‘nausea’ in Spanish), along with Harry Gamboa Jr., Willy Herron and Patssi Valdez. Staging daring public demonstrations, this artists' collaborative was among the first to incorporate political activism, urban guerrilla art and performance into its aesthetic. Since the ‘70s, Gronk's work has been represented in numerous private and museum collections across the country. He has also been the subject of many one-person exhibitions.