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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Photographic Memory & Other Shots in the Dark <2002>
Digital Mural Project: Robert J. Sanchez and Richard A. Lou (Los Anthropolocos) <2002>
SU ARTE HERE: Five Years of Galería’s Digital Mural Project <2005>
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Los Anthropolocos

AKA Richard Lou & Robert J. Sanchez As young graduate students Los Anthropolocos (Drs. Lou and Sanchez) would take the city bus, shovel and picks in hand, to their secret dig site and would excavate all summer long, lost in the sweetness of science and discovery. Their notoriety grew with each and every mummy they discovered. They finally received the recognition they deserved and yearned. In 2050, the Doctors (they weren't known as LOS ANTHROPOLOCOS until their major find of 2057 when they had unearthed the actor/politician Pauley Shore) received their first major grant from the Pioneer Foundation totaling $1.3 million. This grant enabled them to organize a major dig site. This dig was one of their most successful yielding over 15,000 white mummies. This created quite a stir when trucks filled with white remains would drive through towns and villages on their way to their final resting-place in the University of Aztlan Anthropology Museum. Continuing in their unnatural and often criticized studies on "White" ethnicity they were to achieve their greatest discovery, the discovery of the lost "Colorless". This was to catapult them to become the rock stars of science. ABOUT THE ARTISTS Richard Lou utilizes photography, video, and digital media to create complex conceptual projects, site-specific installations and performances to address issues related to the Chicano experience. In the early 1990s, Lou teamed with Robert J. Sánchez on a series of projects and performances in which they assume the fictional roles of Los Anthropolocos, two futuristic Chicano anthropologists/archaeologists who discover and study white ethnicity. He is also a former member of the Border Art Workshop/Taller de Arte Fronterizo (BAW/TAF), a San Diego/Tijuana-based artist collective formed in 1984 that explored border issues through language, performance and visual arts. Lou received his B.F.A. from California State University, Fullerton, and earned his M.F.A. at Clemson University. His work has been exhibited at the Irvine, California Fine Arts Center; Palomar College, the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego. He is currently chairman of the department of art at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville, Georgia. Robert J. Sanchez American, Born Austin, Texas, 1952. Residence, San Diego, California. RECENT SOLO EXHIBITIONS: Robert J. Sanchez:New Interiors for a Restless Border, Porter Troupe Gallery, San Diego, CA 1999; Border (Meta)Morphosis, Terrain, San Francisco, California, 1998; Los Antropolocos, Cetys Universidad, Tijuana, BCN, Mexico 1998. RECENT GROUP EXHIBITIONS: Photographic Memory and Other Shots in the Dark, Galeria de la Raza, San Francisco, California, 2002; Third Istanbul Biennial, Greater Istanbul Municipality Nejat F. Eczacibasi Contemporary Art Museum, Istanbul, Turkey, 1992; Venice Biennale/XLIV Esposizionale D’Arte, Venice Biennale: Italy, 1990. SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY: Alvarado, Joaquin, “Robert J. Sanchez,” Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art – Volume II, Bilingual Press, Hispanic Research Center, Arizona State University, Tempe, 2002, pp. 254-255; Johnson, Katytie, “Los Anthropolocos,” Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art – Volume I, Bilingual Press, Hispanic Research Center, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, 2002, pp. 44-45; Letellier Pascal, “Robert Sanchez/Le Demon De Anges-16 Chicano Artists,”Le Demon De Anges, Nantes, France and Barcelona, Spain, 1989, pp. 130-138 and 212-214. SELECTED COLLECTIONS: Quincy Troupe/Margaret Porter Troupe Collection, La Jolla, California; Irwin/Taka Weinberg Collection, Chicago, Illinios; Posti-Tele Museum, Helsinki Finland.