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Press Release - Secos Y Mojados: "DREAMS/ueños - AUSCENCIA/bsence"

by Jenn Hernandez


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Secos Y Mojados:

DREAMS/ueños - AUSCENCIA/bsence 

The third and final segment of the BORDER TRIP(tych) project


Friday, April 4 and Saturday, April 5, 2014

Doors 7pm - Performance 8pm

$10 - $20 suggested donation


During the first weekend of April, Galería de la Raza is proud to present Secos Y Mojados, a San Francisco based transnational performance collective. The trio will be presenting the third and final segment of their BORDER TRIP(tych) project: DREAMS/ueños - AUSENCIA/bsence.

The project is a series of performances where Secos Y Mojados set out to reflect about, express, and humanize the storm of images and feelings awaken by both realities and myths spinning around the issue of immigration. Working from within the eye of this storm, the artists of S Y M - all immigrants themselves - question the larger and deeper human themes and behaviors that relate to home and belonging.

Grounded on dialogues and interviews with Latino community members, who join the collective onstage as well as Latino Mission businesses, DREAMS/ueños - AUSENCIA/bsence sets out to give form to an interactive, poetic expression of the place where "the other side" becomes "here," where those who migrated recently, or a long time ago, deal with an ever changing present, hold fast onto hopes for a better life, and long for what was left behind. That endlessly disputed space is what spawns dreams and absence: sueños y ausencia.


Collective Statement:

Secos Y Mojados is a San Francisco based collective focusing their work on immigrant narratives and explorations of interdisciplinary performance. Spanish for "the dry ones and wet ones," their name is inspired by the effect that clandestine crossings - through deserts, rivers and sea - have on the body of the migrant, but are also interested in borders and crossings of any kind, ultimately relating to the interconnectedness of identities and places.


Secos Y Mojados currently includes:

Violeta Luna, Mexican actress and performance artist

David Molina, an Salvadoran American, musician and composer

Argentinean theater director Roberto Varea.


S Y M artists embark on the practice of performance grounded on their experiences in theater, music, and performance art, moved by the realization that all creative disciplines are unique and also share common principles, and set out to question and investigate the connections that exist between them, and the social reality where they, and us, live and resonate. Their work aims to develop a language for a more nuanced expression of the place that "the migrant" occupies in an inclusive social imaginary. 


Artist Bios:

Actress, performance artist, and activist Violeta Luna's work explores the relationship between theatre, performance art, and community engagement. Working within a multidimensional space that allows for the crossing of aesthetic and conceptual borders, Luna uses her body as a territory to question and comment on social and political phenomena. Born in Mexico City, Luna obtained her graduate degree in Acting from the Centro Universitario de Teatro, UNAM and La Casa del Teatro. She has performed and taught workshops extensively throughout Latin America, Europe, Africa, and USA. She is currently a Creative Capital Fellow, a member of the Magdalena Project of International Women Performance Artists, and an associate artist of the San Francisco-based performance collectives La Pocha Nostra and Secos & Mojados. 


David Molina has composed, performed, recorded, mixed, and designed sound for theatre, video, film, dance, performance art, radio, television, and multimedia productions for the past 19 years. Recently he has been inventing and building instruments from salvaged materials.  These instruments become part of interactive, multimedia installations displayed at galleries and festivals, and he last presented a solo exhibit Transience: The Work of David Molina, at Asterisk Gallery SF (2013.) He has worked with numerous Bay Area theatre companies, while also performing at arts venues, educational institutions, and with several regional companies and organizations throughout the U.S.  He has performed and had his music featured internationally. His music and bands Ghosts and Strings, Transient, Earthlike, and Impuritan are available on Resting Bell (Berlin,) Dorog Records (Peru,) Black Note Music (USA,) Distant Spore (USA,) or through his own D.I.Y. releases. 


Roberto Varea began his career in theater in his native Argentina. His creative work and writing focuses on live performance as means of resistance and peacebuilding in the context of social conflict and state violence. His stage work in the United States includes directing premieres of plays by Latin@/Chican@ authors such as Migdalia Cruz, Ariel Dorfman, Cherrié Moraga, and José Rivera. His socially-engaged practice includes the founding and artistic direction of Soapstone Theatre Company, a collective of male ex-offenders and women survivors of violent crime; El Teatro Jornalero!, a performance company of Latin American immigrant workers; and the performance artist's collective Secos & Mojados, which engages with issues of migration, transnationalism, and displacement. He is a regular contributor and guest editor to journals in performance, politics, and peacebuilding, and is co-editor and co-author of the two-volume anthology Acting Together: Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict (New Village Press, Oakland - NYC). Varea is a founding faculty member of the Performing Arts and Social Justice Program at the University of San Francisco, where he also serves as co-director of the Center for Latino Studies in the Americas (CELASA).


Press Links:

"Acting Together," an article on the Brandeis University site: 

Interview with Roberto Varea and Violeta Luna for Hemispheric Institute: 


For Calendar Editors:

Galería de la Raza presents

Secos Y Mojados: DREAMS/ueños - AUSCENCIA/bsence 

The third and final segment of the Border Trip(tych) project


Friday, April 4 and Saturday, April 5, 2014

Doors 7pm - Performance 8pm

$10 - $20 suggested donation

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