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Ng Family Sample Letter for Word Doc

INSTRUCTIONS: You can email the letter to both GBA Realty at and to the Ng Family Trust at  In addition, please mail copies to the two addresses provided in the sample letter. Thank you! 


October 29, 2018


Trust of Lilly Ng

C/O GBA Realty
1592 Yosemite Avenue 
San Francisco, CA 94124

Dear Trustee:

My name is _______________________ and I am (insert something about who you are in the community, i.e. “long term resident”, with organization, etc.).  I am writing to share that the San Francisco community, and the Mission District in particular, is very angry to learn that you have not agreed to a reasonable and fair lease for Galería de La Raza causing them to be pushed out. Hearing that you have issued another three-day pay or quit notice only further angers the community.


I am aware that the Galería has been requesting a lease from the building owners, for 46 years and that a month-to-month rental is the only framework you would consider for that entire period. Recently, you have insisted on having a lease, however the terms are frankly predatory, enough so that it would be irresponsible and harmful to the Galeria to consider. The Staff and Board of Directors have acted in good faith to negotiate responsible terms that do not unnecessarily increase their overall liability and exposure.


The Galería de la Raza has also dedicated substantial time to negotiate in good faith by offering to significantly lessen their space of 46 years, to one third of the size for the same rent. However, you continue to insist on a set of irrational and unrealistic lease terms. Even City of San Francisco representatives have now openly stated that they would never recommend that Galería de la Raza accept and agree to the terms you continue to impose. 


As a San Francisco Legacy institution, the Galería de la Raza is a recognized local, national, and international voice for Latino arts and culture––and why we must insist that you agree to a reasonable and fair lease and retract the three-day pay or quit notice!


(Sign Name)


CC: Trust of Lilly Ng

1338 Pacific Avenue

San Francisco, CA. 94109





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