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Moment's Notice: A collective collage of this moment in time
4/16/2003 - 5/24/2003
A collective collage created by over 150 artists. To create it, Galería used a radically open and non-discriminatory exhibiting system: any artist or poet could bring an art piece addressing their most pressing thoughts about our times and the advent of the US-led war in Iraq. The artist/poet then chose a spot on the wall and added his/her piece to the collective wallscape.
  Galería Exhibitions Patrick "Pato" Hebert: Somoson <2003>
Digital Mural Project: Patrick “Pato” Hebert <2003>
Digital Mural Project: Rosângela Rennó <2003>
Moment's Notice: A collective collage of this moment in time <2003>
Armando Rascón: Border Xicanography <2003>
Digital Mural Project: Julio C. Morales + YMP <2003>
Land Rites <2003>
Digital Mural Project: Lalo Alcaraz <2003>
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Moment’s Notice
By Galería’s staff

Bienvenido/as, welcome to Moment’s Notice.

One of the most uplifting and hopeful events in the past months has been the outpouring of people of all ages, colors and walks of life coming together to march in protest of the pre-emptive military attack against Iraq.

Moment’s Notice seeks to continue and build on this powerful spirit by sharing—in one place and time—the multiplicity of images, words, voices, feelings, and insights of artists and poets.

Moment’s Noticeis an exercise in true democracy and freedom of speech. Adding each one of your words and images to those of others, we will create a collection of diverse narratives, a pluralist “big picture” that gives symbolic structure to these conflicting, confusing and trying times.

Thank you for joining us.

Participating Artists:
Antonio, Hector, Joanna, Rachel, Tamara Alvarado, Arias & Aragon, Lani Asher, Anias Azul, Rose Barber, Clouchard Barbone, Jon Baz, Isreal Bello, David Benzler, Betsy Boyle, Kathleen Boyle, Madeleine Boyne, Brent Bushnell, Luz Cabrales, Tan Khanh Cao, Maria Cardenas, Sofia Carmi, Thomas Carney, Luz Elena Castro, Cynthia Chavez, Jonathan Clarren, Betsy Coe, Caca Colectiva, Francis Collins, Steven J. Corralejo, Adrian Cotter, Cesar A. Cruz, Chris Cruz, Jeff Cunningham, Carlos De la Cruz, Lisa Marie Delgadillo, Lou Dematteis, Maritsa di Meglio, Patricia Diart, Eduardo Díaz, Francisco Domínguez, Caleb Duarte, Marie-Jose Durquet, Sharon Eisley, Fernando Elvira, e-mael, Estrella Erculiani, Marcella Ernest, Sebastian Feldman, Colleen Flaherty, Richard Fong, Tom Fowler, Luis Garcia, Coyote Gonzalez, Louie The Foot Gonzalez, Channing Goosby, Kyle Griffith, Gustavo Guerra Vasquez, Kimberly Guzman, Bill Harrison, Amanda He, Antonio Helguera, Irene Hendrick, Leticia Hernandez-Linares, Sarah Hluchan, Horace Mann Jr. High Boys, Elvira Hufschmid, Whitson Hunter, Sandra Huston, Students of Immaculate Conception Academy, Kris Karrelas, Herbert Kearney, Narhtey Keyaanaano Maddy, Devineé Kobelt, David Kudatsky, Steve Lambert, Robert Larkin, Nicholas Lawrus, Kimberly Lawson, Jonathan Lemon, William Lindo, Jeffrey Loehmann, Ariel López, Melissa Lozano, Anna Mai, Celia Martinez, Victor Martinez Diaz, Justin Mata, Dolissa Medina, Jesse Mills, Claude Moller, Chas Moore, Renée Moreno, Allyn Nobles, Brenda Pattue, Victor Payan, Gerardo Perez Mendez, Pescador, Amanda Peterson, Eduardo Pineda, Jazmín Preciado, Amy Price, Thomas Pringle, Michael Raumer, Renos one/Diet/HTK-2003, Tasha Robbins, Lois Roberts, Patricia Rodríguez, Moira Roth, Sakino, Julio Salcedo, Jason Salinas, Xiomara Salinas, Diana Sanchez, Sphinx (Sara Thibault), Todd Shalom, Jo Slota, Sarah Sojo, Katey Joy Sojourner, Mia Stageberg, Allen Statler, Julian Stuck, Bernard Susbilla, Rebecca Szatkowski, Zac Taylor, Ayluonne Tereszk, Marybeth Terszlaewicz, Gigi Tran, Lucrecia Troncoso, Midaglia Valdes, Mica Valdez, Perry Vasquez, Esteban Villa, Conchita Villalba, Ane Voong, Kiki Cynthia Wallis, H. Ansel Wittersten, Olivia Wilber, Maggie Woman, René Yañez, Ebbe Roe Yovino-Smith, and Marilyn Yu.