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Louie "The Foot" Gonzalez
  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Chicanos del Valle: RCAF Tortilla Show <1971>
Día de los Muertos <1977>
The Royal Chicano Air Force Lands in San Francisco <1991>
A Devotional Legacy: Día de los Muertos 1972-1995 <1995>
Paper Tigers <2002>
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Louie "The Foot" Gonzalez

Luis C. Gonzalez (aka Louie-the-Foot) is a prolific Sacramento, Calif. based artist whose paintings and poster art have been exhibited widely in this country and abroad. Born in Mexico City, Gonzalez settled with his family in Sacramento where he completed high school and attended Sacramento State University. His creative work as an artist began in the 1960’s. Gonzalez is a member of the renowned Royal Chicano Air Force, a collective of activist Chicano artists with whom he became associated as a youth; he also became involved with the United Farm Workers of America and its leader Cesar Chavez for whom he produced posters.

His concern and support for the farm workers is a recurring theme in much of Gonzalez’ work.