Galeria de la Raza
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Francisco X. Camplis
  Participated in the Following Exhibitions Mi Raza Linda <1972>
First Front: Vanguard of the Chicano Movement <1994>
Open Studio: Little Brown Bodies <1999>
WEEDE PEEPO: Icons, Portraits y Gente <2005>
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Francisco X. Camplis

A native San Franciscan, Francisco X. Camplis is a Chicano painter, photographer, and filmmaker. A vital force in the Chicano community and civil rights movement, Camplis was a founding member of Galería de la Raza, Cine Acción, and Danza Xitlalli, a Mexican traditional dance group. Camplis studied graphic arts, sculpture, painting and photography at the San Francisco Art Institute, Oakland College of Arts and Crafts, and with private teachers. He also studied filmmaking and received his Masters at Stanford University. His artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally including in community galleries state-wide, as well as the Barnsdall Museum, Los Angeles; University of California Art Museum at Berkeley; UCLA; the Mexican Museum, San Francisco; the First Latin American Photography Exhibition and Colloquium, Mexico City (1978); and in Venice, Italy (1980). Currently, Francisco X. Camplis is learning computer graphics, 2D animation and computer video editing. His video-making includes a work in progress entitled “The Mexican Presence in San Francisco / 1920-1950”, an oral history project of the community’s elders.