Galeria de la Raza
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  Participated in the Following Exhibitions En el día de Guadalupe <1970>
Progress in Process <1982>
Trazos: Myth and Memory <2005>
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Michael V. Rios

Michael Rios is a native of Oakland, California, born on December 10th, 1947. He attended the San Francisco Academy of Art College from 1964 to 1966. Upon graduation, Michael worked as an illustrator for the famous San Francisco men's clothier, Roos Atkins. Rios then opened his own commercial art and graphics studio in North Beach, San Francisco. He also created children's books, billboards, Fuller/O'Brien paint ads and other "high end" commercial art. In the seventies, Rios became proficient in numerous mediums from acrylics to watercolors. After returning from an extensive trip to Europe, he found his way to the Mission District (San Francisco). Rios began taking an active interest in creating billboards and murals that made the Mission District famous. Michael Rios and Carlos Santana began collaborating in 1986. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Santana, Rios created the mural "Inspire To Aspire", located on South Van Ness and 22nd Street.