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Last week to see Power Through the Future!

Saturday, June 10, 2017 - Saturday, July 8, 2017

Under the new administration our communities have found themselves actively resisting through protest and mobilization. Millennials have been at the forefront of these movements and actions that oppose racist and discriminatory rhetoric. In light of their bold stance, we surveyed the nation through an open call titled the Future vs. 45, and what we present to you is a collection of narratives of resistance and activism in a group exhibition.

Galería de la Raza’s goal was to provide the public with an understanding of how youth (ages 14 - 21) define and propel their struggles. Several works included in this exhibition depict collective issues, healing and empowerment initiatives; while others bring forward personal issues affecting their families and their own personal identities. In some works, we see the artist's ideals serve as a driving force by the way in which they address and are actively shaping their environments and communities - whether it be dreaming of new sci fi realities, challenging notions of gender or reminding us of the structural impediments they face. Their vantage points are indeed the voices we have been waiting for.

Their subjectivity is one that is unapologetic and unafraid to express their truths and has added a level of consciousness and wokeness to everyday life that is defining their generation. Their works are not only influenced by their own experiences but rather are also informed by their communities’ centuries of struggle, oppression and exploitation. By documenting some of their most private and traumatic episodes, we once again see a generation ascertaining family and community memory as a form of empowerment and liberation. Yet, their acute and vulnerable read on society’s totalitarian ascendancy serves as an indicator that the future is bold, the future is bright, and above all powerful. Thus, their voice will be the catalyst for change and there is no doubt in our minds that our communities will Power Through the Future.

Participating Artists: Laura Adams, Sergio Aguilar, Miriam Ahilon, Asma Murshed Alawdi, Omaima Aljamal, Jonathan Argueta, Aida Baron, Evelyn Barrera, Yaneth Berrias, César Bernal, Carolina Bernardo, Stacy Brumfield, Guadalupe Cisneros, Malaya Conui, Amber Davis, Ania Dris, Olivia Flores, Luis Garcia, Jonathan Garcia, Justin Guerra, Douglas Guillen, Lalo Eduardo Gutierrez, Xiloxochitl Gutierrez, Huizhen He, Daniela Hernandez, Josue Hernandez, Alisson Hintz, Ping Huang, Diana Kalaji, Halefom Kebede, Abdulmalik Korin, Janet Lopez, Juana Lorenza, Rosa Maricela Girón Mendoza, Janet Martinez, Alejandra Medina, Petrona Mendoza, Luis Montoya, Stefany Morales, Sutter Morris, David Muñoz, Ernesto Najera, Luis Martin Pascual, Gerardo Pineda, María Poblano Gúzman, Jenny Ramirez, Sophia Ramos, Maria Lima Rodriguez, Elias Sima, Jennifer Trejo, Diego Vazquez, Ileana Umanzor, Free Me Fast: Voices from Inside San Francisco’s Juvenile Justice Center, Radical Monarchs

Free and Open to the public.


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