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Lunada ~ Literary Lounge

Spoken Word ~ Música ~ Open Mic

Monday, April 10, 2017 | 7:30 pm

Featuring poetivist Thea Matthews, healing rhymes by Know Expressions, and Open Mic: Sign-up 7:15pm, hosted by Sandra García Rivera.

LUNADA Literary Lounge
Spoken Word * Música * Open Mic

With Spring and National Poetry month in full bloom, Lunada features two poets born and raised in the San Francisco Bay. Thea Matthews is a powerful published “poetivist,” and Know Expressions writes healing rhymes to connect and inspire. Both spread love and “rhythms of resilience” as they blister the mic with verses glazed in fire. 

The Lunada OPEN MIC invites poets, emcees, musicians, storytellers, laureates and first-timers to share their voices under the lunar spotlight. Sign-up 7:15pm: 10 spots on the list, 5 min. ea. 

$5.00 Admission

2857 24th Street, at Bryant
San Francisco, CA 94110 

LUNADA is the Bay Area’s only full moon bilingual literary ritual & performance gathering, devoted to spoken word, música, song, and story. Located in the heart of the Mission District at Galería de la Raza, and guest curated by some of the Bay Area’s most dynamic word slingers and artists, each LUNADA features community poets, local legends, visiting mystics, and other mero meros of the stage. Voted Best Literary Night of 2016 by the SF Bay Guardian.


THEA MATTHEWS is a Poetivist (poet + activist) / Spoken Word Artist who frequents San Francisco’s Bay Area literary scene. For this BlXicana Queer womxn born and raised in San Francisco, CA, the power of Words enthrall her. Recently, her poems, “Hydrangeas,” Orchids” and ”Protea" were published through the online feminist blog RAG QUEEN PERIODICAL (2017), and "Tempest" was featured in the anthology "Sweet Wolverine: a Collection” (2015). While focusing on realms of historical trauma and rhythms of resiliency, academically and creatively, Thea raises awareness, strengthens survivorship, fortifies her healing, and in turn the healing of others. Visit Thea at: and

KNOW EXPRESSIONS: Navigating through the turbulent waves we all face in life, Know Expressions tries to remain balanced. At times, walking the thin line of being positive and negative, Know Expressions finds his serenity in writing. A Mexican, Italian, & Yaqui Indian - born and raised in the Bay Area - at age eight in 1985, Know Expressions was introduced to the world of poetry through the rhymes & culture of Hip Hop. Embracing the words & messages brought forth by inspiring emcees, such as: Run DMC, Ice T, N.W.A., Wu Tang Clan, Hieroglyphics, early Bay Area rap, and an endless list of artists, he remains soaking it all in. Encouraged by his brother's and his friend JB, in 1992 Know Expressions delivered his first rhyme during a freestyle session. From that point on, everyday is rhyme.  At 17, writing out of necessity, he began to understand that writing was his primary outlet. He never thought that writing and sharing his work would be so therapeutic. He has had the opportunity to host the Half Moon Bay Teen Poetry Contest for the last 3 years. And was invited to speak with students at Pescadero High School about the importance of writing & expressing themselves with a creative approach. With the love & support of his family, his lady, and two kids, he continues to write and perform with an objective to overcome, connect, and inspire, through the lyrics of Poetry, Hip Hop, and Spoken Word.


KNOW EXPRESSIONS Lunada featured artist April 2017. THEA MATTHEWS Lunada featured artist April 2017.
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