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En el día de Guadalupe

Saturday, December 12, 1970

A memorial show dedicated to acclaimed Chicano journalist Ruben Salazar. Participating artists included: Jay Ojeda, René Yañez, Mike Rios, Gustavo Rivera, Peter Rodríguez, Ralph McNeil, Carlos Loarca, Ralph Maradiaga, and Rupert García.

Ruben Salazar (1928-1970) Ruben Salazar was a reporter for the Los Angeles Times whose progressive writings were avidly read by many in the Chicano community. He was killed at age 42 outside the Silver Dollar Bar on Whittier Boulevard while covering the Chicano Moratorium, an anti-Viet Nam war demonstration in East LA. He was hit by a tear gas projectile fired by a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department deputy.


Rupert García
Ralph Maradiaga
Gustavo Ramos Rivera
Michael V. Rios
Peter Rodriguez
René Yañez


<b>Ruben Salazar</b>
Exhibition Poster
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