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The One Day Exhibition

An exhibition featuring works by Estava Waldo, Richard Stahl, and Katherine Ish. Performance by the Stahl-ish actors

5/21/1975 - 6/15/1975
Juan Fuentes/Rupert García

Recent works by Juan R. Fuentes and Rupert García

6/12/1975 - 8/2/1975
An Exhibition of Portraits

No further information available.

8/23/1975 - 10/12/1975
El Arte de los Huicholes (Part 1): The Peter Young Collection

An exhibition presenting Nearika yarn drawings and artifacts by the Huichole Indians of Mexico.

11/2/1975 - 12/1/1975
Día de Los Muertos

1/31/1976 - 3/14/1976
Huichol Ceremonial Art Exhibition (Part 2): The Peter Young Collection

An exhibition presenting Nearika yarn drawings and artifacts by the Huichole Indians of Mexico.

3/27/1976 - 4/25/1976
Group Exhibition

A group exhibition presenting works by Richard Bell, Leon Klayman, Wilfred Owen Brigade.

5/9/1976 - 6/11/1976
Los Sembradores

A photo documentary exhibition with works by Angel del Valle.

7/17/1976 - 8/17/1976
La Gente de California: A Historical Perspective

An exhibition produced by Rene Yañez, Ralph Maradiaga and Jose Antonio Burciaga, in collaboration with the California Historical Society. The exhibition was comprised of documentation examining the transformation of the California landscape with the introduction of Chilean miners and their new techniques. An examination of California Missions as well as heroes and mythological figures such as Tiburcio Vasquez, Joaquin Murieta and Zorro were also included in order to shed light on the ways in which Latino icons have historically been depicted.

Juan Fuentes Solo Exhibition

A solo show of work by local artist, Juan Fuentes.

10/2/1976 - 10/24/1976
The Return of the Cisco Kid

An exhibit of movie posters, comics, coloring books and other memorabilia on the Legend of The Cisco Kid.

11/2/1976 - 11/28/1976
Día de los Muertos

Yolanda Garfías Woo introduces the altar form at Galería. This tradition impacts the work of an emerging generation of Chicana artists such as Amalia Mesa-Bains and Mía Galaviz Gonzalez.

2001 Exhibit

An exhibition aimed at school aged children featuring a variety of ready made objects. The exhibition included embroidery, baked goods, wooden toys and paper maché. Paintings and drawings by the local youth were also featured.

1/22/1977 - 2/13/1977
Calendario Exhibition

An exhibit of original silkscreen calendars from 1973-77 by RCAF and Galería artists organized by René Yañez and Ralph Maradiaga. Participating artists include: Ricardo Favela; Juanishi Orosco; Patricia Rodríguez; René Yañez; Rodolfo (Rudy) Cuellar; Esteban Villa; Xavier Viramontes; José Montoya; Ralph Maridiaga; and others.

1/22/1977 - 2/13/1977
Images of the Southwest

Block prints, paper cut-outs, drawings, photographs, copper enamels and sculpture by Rudy M. Fernandez, Enrique Flores, Xavier Gorena, César Martínez, Pedro Rodríguez, and Arnold Trujillo. Organized by Carmen Lomas-Garza.

6/8/1977 - 6/26/1977

An educational exhibition about animation processes, showing the arts, techniques, and processes involved in giving apparent life and movement to inanimate objects by means of cinematography.

The International Hotel

No further information available.

11/5/1977 - 11/30/1977
Día de los Muertos

Annual Day of the Dead exhibition featuring works by Ralph Maradiaga, Carmen Lomas Garza, Kate Connell, Patricia Estrada, Louie the Foot, and María Pinedo.

1/28/1978 | 12:00 am
Nicaragua: Semana Continental

No further information available.

2/14/1978 - 3/14/1978
Pachuco Art Show

An exhibition presenting works by Sacramento-based and Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF) member, José Montoya.

4/29/1978 - 5/29/1978 | 12:00 am
Mundos Perdidos/Lost Worlds

A mixed media exhibition of prison murals, tattoos, photographs and silk-screened prints generated by a cultural workshop inside Lompoc Federal Correctional Institution. Leonard Castellanos, an NEA artist in Residence at the time led the workshops.

Estelas Mayas/Mayan Stelas

An exhibition presenting works by Rufus Diament.

6/17/1978 - 7/17/1978
Photographs of the South and Southwest

A documentary photo exhibit with works by Michael P. Smith and Louis Bernal.

8/12/1978 - 9/13/1978
Community Art Murals
An exhibition of original drawings, sketches and designs for the Mission District murals.

11/2/1978 - 1/12/1979
Homenaje a Frida Kahlo: El Día de los Muertos

Day of the Dead exhibition with original works by a host of artists, dedicated to cultural icon Frida Kahlo. Curated by Carmen Lomas Garza. Curating Committee: Kate Connell, Rupert García, María Pinedo, and Amalia Mesa-Bains.

2/10/1979 - 3/31/1979
Movie Posters from the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema

An exhibition of 1940s Mexican film posters organized by Ralph Maradiaga, René Yañez, Carmen Lomas Garza (Main Curator) and María V. Pinedo.

5/19/1979 - 6/23/1979
Images of a Community

An exhibition curated by Carmen Lomas Garza and René Yañez.

7/28/1979 - 9/22/1979
Low 'n Slow

An exhibition presenting drawings, graphics, model cars, low-rider bikes and photographs. Organized by Sonny Madrid (Low Rider Magazine) and René Yañez. The highly popular art show had an audience of over 2,000 individuals, and involved both the gallery and mural space. On opening night Bryant St. was reserved for the Low Creations Car Club that filled the street with a Low Rider car show. Featured artists included Teen Angel, Linda Sanchez, Angel Redondo, Gilbert Lujan, Luis Jimenez, Ramon Cisneros Kiki, Sir Loco, Derrick O'Keefe, and Carlos Camplis. Also featured in the exhibition was photography by Peter Pulido, Carlos Villa, and El Steven. Low Rider magazine contributed with art work, magazine layouts and a slide presentation.

11/2/1979 - 11/23/1979
Dia de los Muertos

Annual Day of the Dead exhibition organized by Carmen Lomas Garza and René Yañez

2/15/1980 - 3/23/1980
Images of the Mexican Revolution

Photographs by Mexican journalist and photographer Agustín Casaola (1874-1938) from the Collection of Minerva and Gilbert V. Martínez. Organized by René Yañez.

3/28/1980 - 4/10/1980
Mission Color

An exhibition of photographs by Kit Hedman.

4/29/1980 - 5/15/1980
Hecho en Aztlán: Multiples

An exhibition of prints and paintings by Richard (Ricardo) Duardo.

5/18/1980 - 6/6/1980
Carnaval: Multi-Media Exhibition

A multimedia and photographic exhibition about Carnaval with Nancy Hom and others.

6/12/1980 - 8/4/1980
Where are we now?/¿Qué somos ahora?

An exhibition presenting works by Lorraine García, Eva C. "Venus" García, Kathryn E. García, Celia Rodríguez, and Pat Carrillo.

9/12/1980 - 10/12/1980

An exhibition presenting self-portraits by René Yañez, Irene Perez, José Trevino, Rudy Cuellar, Carmen Lomas-Garza, Gloria Maya, Alfredo Arreguín, Blanca Gutierrez, Ricardo Mendez, Calvin Casrajas, Tondre, Ray Gayatan, Patricia Rodríguez, Peter Rodríguez, Victor Ochoa, and Ester Hernandez. Organized by Carmen Lomas Garza

10/19/1980 - 11/7/1980
Calacas Huesudas, El Día de los Muertos

No further information available.

11/14/1980 - 12/7/1980
A Decade in Flight: El Tecolote Anniversary Exhibition

An exhibition celebrating the first ten years of the Latino newspaper, El Tecolote. Organized by Carmen Lomas Garza

2/12/1981 - 3/8/1981
Licita Fernández and Pete Davalos

Ceramics and watercolors by Licita Fernández and Pete Davalos. Curated by Carmen Lomas Garza.

6/26/1981 - 7/26/1981
Ajo Granadas y Tres Flores

An exhibition of sculptures by Ruben Trejos and paintings by Cesar Martinez; curated by Carmen Lomas Garza.

8/10/1981 - 8/31/1981
Weavings of Ecuador

No further information available.

9/8/1981 - 10/10/1981
Horizon's Photo Program

Horizon's Photo Program was organized by Robert Wallis in collaboration with Horizons and Galería through the California Arts Councils Artist in Residency Program. Wallis led workshops with 14 students from the Mission teaching them the basics of photography. Content for the class was generated from walks around the Mission District and visits to weekend dance performances. An exhibition of their photographs was displayed at Galeria de la Raza. some of the students involved in the class were Danny Aguilar, Ana Luna, Hosie Pintily and Hiriam Vasquez.

Dia de los Muertos

Galería's annual Day of the Dead celebration, featuring works by Ralph Maradiaga, Patricia Rodriguez, Viviana Rodriguez, Maria Pinedo and others

Otra Onda

A collection of 78 photos featuring the cholo life of Mission Youth. The Exhibition was organized by Rene Yanez and traveled to Chicago where it was shown at the Humboldt Cultural Art Center and the Hispanic Festival of the Arts at the Museum of Science and Industry. A few artists featured in the exhibition were Lou de Matteis, Robert Wallis and Joe Ramos.

11/21/1981 - 12/5/1981
Fashion Moda, From South Bronx, NY

Fashion Moda was an interdisciplinary series of visual art exhibitions and performances that took place at various sites around the Bay Area. For the duration of the exhibition, the work of over 150 Bay Area, East Coast and International artists was presented at Pro Arts in Oakland, and 80 Langton, Galería de la Raza, Danceloft, and Project Artaud in San Francisco.

2/6/1982 - 2/27/1982
Extraño: Contemporary Photographers from Mexico

An Exhibition of 100 black and white contemporary Mexican photographs organized by Pedro Meyer and sponsored in part by the League of United Chicano Artists. The exhibition traveled through New York, Austin, Los Angeles and San Francisco in an effort to display the effect of Mexico's quick development on its inhabitants. Some of the featured artists included Anibal Angulo, Carlos Blanco, Lazara Blanco, Jorge Pablo de Aguinaco, Graciela Iturbide, Pedro Meyer and Victor Flora Olea.

3/21/1982 - 4/17/1982
Faces of El Salvador
An exhibition of documentary photography by Miguel Blanco.

4/2/1982 - 4/30/1982
Photo Exhibit of Youth from San Francisco's Mission District

Traveling exhibition organized by Galería and YMCA Humbolt Park Cultural Center in Chicago, Il.

SF Lowrider Car Exhibit

An off-site exhibition of lowrider cars presented at the Presidio.

5/4/1982 - 6/12/1982
Progress in Process

Artists make art in an open studio setting; including: Miranda Bergman, Tony Chavez, Juan Fuentes, Daniel Galvez, Rayvan Gonzales, Nancy Hom, K.O., Lisa Kokin, Yolanda Lopez, Raul Martínez, Regina Mouton, Emmanuel Montoya, Jane Norling, Ray Patlan, Mike Rios, Patricia Rodríguez, Spain Rodríguez, Herbert Siguenza, Xavier Viramontes, and René Yañez.

7/9/1982 - 7/31/1982
The Renaissance of Paper Cut-Outs

An exhibition of Carmen Lomas-Garza's students of papel picado. Organized by Carmen Lomas Garza.

8/7/1982 - 8/31/1982
ASCO '82

Photos, installations, drawings by L.A. conceptual artists ASCO (Harry Gamboa, Patssi Valdez, Gronk); "Strip-tease" played on August 17th.

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