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Caminos Al Andar

Saturday, July 20, 2019 - Friday, March 20, 2020 | 12:00 pm

Visit us at our new interim location and check out Caminos Al Andar with exhibtiing artists: Helena Cardona, Paola de la Calle, and Cynthia Escalante. 


Meet the Artists


Helena Cardona

Helena grew up in Presidio, Texas, border with Ojinaga, Chihuahua and completed her Bachelors of Art in Architecture at the University of New Mexico with a minor in Sustainability Studies. Cardona is a recent Master of Architecture graduate from the California College of the Arts. Her thesis research focused on architecture as a political tool for advocacy and it explores the transgression of existing boundaries as a way to lay the seeds for new forms of civic architecture. She was a Galeria de la Raza CCA CONNECTS Fellow where she learned about place-keeping of institutions that protect culture; and to see architecture beyond brick and mortar, but as a human right that advocates for accessible housing, healthcare, education, and financial equity, through the lens and empowerment of Chicanx/Latinx art. Helena is currently working with the Chicana Latina Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes professional and leadership development of Latinas, as the Leadership Institute Program Assistant, as she transitions into a professional position within the architectural field.


Paola de la Calle

Paola de la Calle is a multidisciplinary artist and educator interested in exploring themes of identity and belonging framed by social justice, primarily through printmaking and mixed media works. Her practice holds true to the nature of printmaking as a democratic art practice by her use of everyday materials like a wooden spoon to make multiples and her references to personal, political and historical issues to highlight stories and experiences often ignored or erased. Her academic focus was Sociology which provided her a language to critically engage with issues of identity and social justice. Being introduced to printmaking allowed her to translate this onto a visual platform. Paola uses text in her work to provide context and truth. As an educator, her work is heavily research-based and she uses it as a way to resist, unlearn, educate, and make sense of the world around her. Her artwork honors the resilience of marginalized communities and advocates for a more just world by tackling themes like migration, food justice, U.S imperialism, and gentrification. She creates artworks that are both personal and deliberately political.

Cynthia Escalante


Cynthia Escalante is a multidisciplinary designer. Her practice wanders between the boundaries of graphic design and architecture. Her work questions the role of graphic design in physical spaces and at urban scopes. Escalante was born in El Paso, TX and raised in Ciudad Juarez, CHIH, MEX. Ever since 7th grade, she has been crossing the border to pursue a career in the United States. In 2016 she received her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Texas Tech University College of Architecture in El Paso. During her studies at Texas Tech, Cynthia began exploring the possibilities of projects that brought closer together the border community.  She is currently studying to obtain her MFA in Design/Graphic Design at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA. In her projects, she continues to experiment different design possibilities that celebrate and contribute to the unique community of the border.




In The Name Of...?

Work by Gabriela Alemán

Friday, February 14, 2020 - Thursday, May 14, 2020 | 6:30 pm


Join us for the official opening reception of In The Name Of...? showcasing new work by local SF visual artist and organizer Gabriela Alemán known by her online moniker as Smug Morenita.
Gabriela Alemán is an illustrator, visual artist, writer and organizer born and raised in San Francisco’s Mission District. Resonating with the aesthetic of comics and pop art, her work consists of boldly colored graphics that highlight Latinx subjects and cultural iconography not found in most mainstream or Latinx art. She does illustration part-time and creates work for print, websites, and social media.

Self-taught, she began drawing and experimenting with different materials and mediums as a means to explore her experiences as a first-generation, queer, child of Central American immigrants. Her subjects range from folklore dancers to reimagined cultural iconography. Alemán is devoted to using the rich colors of her community and her lens as a Latinx creative to bring visibility to the Central American diaspora.

“In the name of…?” explores the continuous impact and the unbalanced power dynamics shared between countries of the American continent, specifically the effects that these dynamics have had in the Central American region. Gabriela Alemán’s work calls out these effects and asks the audience to question who justifies state-sanctioned violence, and how we perpetuate that violence within our own communities. Using social media as a platform to disseminate information, Alemán reaches those outside of the Central American diaspora proposing a reality outside of the nation/border complex that pushes us to build solidarity outside of borders and urges us to rethink loyalty to nations that continue to destabilize regions of indigenous, black, and brown communities. Ultimately, Alemán uses her platform and skills as a self-taught digital artist not only to highlight and respond to issues affecting Central Americans and the Latinx community, but to also showcase the joy and traditions that keep her connected to the diaspora. 

Soft opening: February 5, 2020 6:30 - 9:00 PM




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